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Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie

Cleanse with Kelly!
7 Days of Delicious Eating:
May 16th-May 22

Spring is the perfect time to create new healthy habits. 

This time of year, I'm genuinely, and naturally motivated to cleanse and exercise more.  It's such a nice feeling to watch those winter love handles fade away.  The love doesn't fade, though, just the handles:). In fact, as I cleanse my mind body and soul, feelings of love and joy seem to bubble up in my world like a natural spring.  It's as though a divine pattern has been naturally activated through intentional commitment and inspired action.  Can you resonate with this?  If so, my be sure to join my 7 Day, Spring Clean your Gut group coaching and meal plan program.

Spring cleaning is more fun with friends! 

Contact friends you resonate with and invite them to make this powerful shift with you.  Make, share, and eat food together.  This is such a beautiful way to stay committed and motivated to make the changes your body will thank you for!  

Join me in a simple, fun, 7 day gut-healthy-foods journey to detox, energize, and jumpstart into a whole-new-healthier-you!

  • Jumpstart into healthy spring eating habits

  • Full Spring Cleaning Meal Plan, Shopping List, and Recipes

  • Group Coaching calls (Zoom)

  • Accountability! Ongoing mentorship, encouragement, motivation and inspiration with Kelly

  • Community connections and group synergy to make your journey fun!

  • Private Group Messenger Support for 7 Full Days

  • Bonus Prep Materials


Are you ready to spring clean your gut? Click the link below for program info and get registered!

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