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Who is Kelly?


















Kelly Dearie is a mom and teacher who discovered the healing powers of raw fermented and nutrient-dense foods as she supported her husband's natural healing from two serious diseases (deemed incurable by medical doctors).


Inspired by her and her husband's healing process, she developed hundreds of recipes and discovered creative ways to make delicious, healing foods & snacks for busy families.


She now keeps her family healthy in a way that is safe and natural- without any needles, drugs or antibiotics. She empowers other moms and families to take control of their hormonal, mental and immune issues and learn to prevent disease and illness, as she has done over the years through nutrition and wellness practices.

In 2013 Kelly founded Creative Cultures Drinks and began selling Beet Kvass, Pollen Up and Green Dream at farmers markets and Northern California stores.  Although her products are no longer sold in stores, they can be purchased through Central Coast Juicery at 111 Locust St. in Santa Cruz, CA.  Kelly also sells her products as a personal chef during special events and by appointment. Please contact kelly@creativeculturesdrinks for more information.











Kelly's Vision for her Students and Clients:

  • Make probiotic foods a daily routine to restore intestinal health and overall balance

  • Make probiotics at home and save money

  • Make fermented foods safe, easy and affordable

  • Cultivate the skills, wisdom and creativity to create amazing recipes

  • Turn the healthiest, purest ingredients into amazing snacks, drinks and desserts​

  • Make foods that provide the best nourishment and benefits to the body​

  • Invest more money in organic farms and less money in big pharma.

  • Tap into the best alternative resources for natural healing

  • Restore intestinal health and overall well-being

A Letter from Kelly:

If you're like me, you are concerned about the health and financial health of your family.


I have a memory of my husband being on an IV during his first episode of ITP for a couple of days and the drug they gave him cost $10,000.  That's just for the drug and not counting all the other services that are typically in the thousands with major medical emergencies.  Charlie didn't have insurance and, yes, we were on a payment plan for some time after that.  


Years of medical bills later, I am happy to say that our money is now invested in healing foods and natural remedies and we no longer need to participate in the allopathic medical system.


Believe me, an investment in your health is well worth it!  This program is designed to empower you with the skills you need to be as healthy and disease-free as possible.  I want to see my students so healthy that they are saving tens of thousands of dollars by preventing big problems in the future!  I also want this knowledge to be affordable for everyone which is why my online subscription to my classes and recipes is only $25 a month.


Remember the Center for Disease Control estimates 7 out of 10 of the most deadly diseases are preventable through proper diet and lifestyle!  So please take advantage of what I have to offer here because I love giving caring support, and motivation to each one of my students.  It's my passion and it's my highest calling in life to help you become healthy and full of joy and vitality.  








Everyone's path to healing and bringing the body back to a state of vitality and balance is unique.  


You will have your own path to follow- your own doctors, acupuncturists and nutritionists to consult.  


Statements made on this website are not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any disease or illness.  


In fact, I don't claim that I can help you with anything at all.  Your path to healing is for you to claim for yourself!


~ Kelly Dearie

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