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Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie

Build Your Immunity Fortress

Six-Week Workshop on How to Build and Sustain Your Body's Immune System

Presented by Kelly Dearie,
Founder & CEO at Gut Healing Wisdom

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In this six-week workshop we will cover

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Enter the realm of personal health-freedom with your gut health coach, Kelly Dearie, founder of Gut Healing Wisdom and the Creative Cultures brand.


In this fun, informative webinar, you will discover:

  • What it means to build an "immunity fortress", and why gut health is the key.

  • A sneak peak of Kelly's DIY Immunity “Home Fortress” system

  • All About Elderberry! 

    • Scientifically proven benefits

    • Cultivation and best species

    • Home production

    • Kelly's secret formula


In the first half of the presentation, you will learn how to unlock the secrets to building a balanced and robust immune system, capable of fending off the worst of foreign invaders!  Trolls, goblins, viruses, nanoparticles and spike protein will not penetrate the inner bounds of your immunity fortress.


The second half of Kelly's presentation focuses on the magic, science and potency of Elderberry.  Learn about varieties, benefits, how it works to defeat viruses, and the best varieties to source from as well as cultivation.


This free, live, webinar is the introduction to Kelly's 6 week, interactive course: Build your Immunity Fortress.  (You do not need to enroll in the course to join the free webinar.)


This 6 week course is simple, fun, affordable, and very low commitment that can lead to life changing results!  Join the free webinar on Sunday, March 13th, or take the whole series.  Click here to sign up for the entire course and take advantage or our Early Bird Pricing!


Each Sunday, we meet on Zoom to make an immune boosting remedy together, from 3-5 PM PCT.  Will you be in the Mt. Shasta area on Sunday during our live session?  If so, you can come to Kelly's and join in person! 


There will be time for optional Q&A and discussion during the class meetings, and during the weeks between.


Can't make the Sunday Zoom meetings?  Don't worry!  You can still participate on our private Facebook Page and you will receive the video recordings and recipes, each week as soon as they are done processing, as well as Q&A support between sessions.  Make the recipes, and  post your successes (or failures) to the private group for feedback.


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