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Healthy Chocolates with Kelly Dearie
Event with Kelly Dearie
Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie

Here is a sample of some of the previously recorded classes you can access as a member.  Membership is free during the 12 Week Gut Health Transformation Program. Many of these topics will be repeated live as well. 
(Scroll to the bottom of this page for the Full List of Classes) 

Foods for Cancer Prevention

Learn about the healthiest cancer-fighting foods and spices on earth, and what scientists have discovered about the cancer-fighting power of these amazing ingredients.  


Kelly shares her favorite cancer prevention staples and delicious recipes and inspire you to activate your body's ability to be a Cancer Fighting Love Machine. 

Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie

Foods for Brain Health

In this class you will learn how to prepare amazing treats, snacks and foods that will help improve brain function by reducing inflammation, allowing more oxygen to the brain, providing brain-loving nourishment for mental clarity and mental stamina.  Here is what you will learn to make:


Peppermint Bliss Bars

Bee Pollen Brain Balls


Ghee w/ Glee truffle filling 


Instant Hemp-Chia hot cereal

Roasted Chicken bone broth w/ Lion’s Mane 


Matcha Late and Yerba Mate Late


Clear Alkemy Drink for Mental Balance

Quick Brain and Protein Power Salad 

One-Eyed Tortilla Jacks

New Years Reset Recipes


Pumpkinseed Detox Pesto

Sesame Spice Sea Crisps

Quinoa Garlic Mashed Potatoes (cooked in vegan bone broth)

Sacha Inchi & Almond Protein Crackers

Brussels braised in Chicken Kombu Veggie Broth

Sparkling Probiotic Lemon/Date Refresher

Cacao ginger bark

Sacha Inchi truffles

Clear Alkemy Lemon Mineral Drink

Veggie-Beet Sauerkraut


Food for Hormonal Balance

Learn the most nourishing foods and herbs on the planet that bring balance to your hormones naturally!  Learn how to combat PMS, increase libido, and safe alternatives to conventional hormone replacement therapy.


Hormonal Balance Recipes from Last Class:


Simple Star Anise Tea

Barley Rejuvelac


Fenugreek Breakfast Porridge


Chai Almond Milk

Holiday Liver Pate


Maca Carob Pudding


Reishi Tea


Dandelion Salad

Chia/Almond Fiber Maca Crackers

Dandelion Adaptogen Coffee Substitute

Dark Leafy Greens Saute

Chocolate Avocado Frosting



Foods for Digestion and Auto-Immune Health


Get your taste buds ready for a sensational experience of mouth watering live foods!  In this class I will teach you how to make foods that super-boost your digestive and immune health.  This is valuable information as we enter the fall season changes when kids "bring home all kinds of stuff from school".  I will also touch on autoimmune health and ways to stay in balance and foods that can aggravate or heal depending on your type of auto-immune reactivity (for example, turmeric can exasperate certain autoimmune conditions but help others).

The recipes and techniques I teach are GAPS, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan and WAPF-friendly. This month I will teach: Lacto-fermented Coconut Kefir, Horseradish Sauce, Anise Cookies, Probiotic Dill Pickles, Asian Pear Sprouted Granola, "Aphrodite Cocktail" w/ extra rich Beet Kvass, Chai Concentrate, Chai Beer, "Ultimate Digestive Support Kraut" w/ horseradish, ginger, mushrooms and sea veggies", Avocado egg-vinegar dressing, Seasonal Fruit Kvass and more!  

Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie

Foods for Optimal Weight and Metabolism

I am excited to teach you how to make specific foods that boost your metabolism, energy levels, reduce belly fat and help you acheive optimal weight.  The foods that I teach have numerous digestive, detoxifying, brain and immune boosting benefits as well.  

Whether you are trying to gain weight or loose weight, a whole-foods diet, free of processed foods and rich in fiber foods, plus fermented veggies and dairy is key to reaching your optimal weight goals.  Remember, if you have optimum health then you have optimal weight.   I will give you some easy tricks to acheive both!


There are a ton of diets out there and it can be confusing knowing what foods to include, what to eliminate and how much to eat when one diet recommends one thing and another diet something opposite!   Nutrient dense, nourishing foods will help you regardless of what diet plan you follow.  In fact, with my strategies, you don't need a diet plan, just some good recipes and tricks to help you cultivate healthy eating habits and the right relationship with your food.  This will allow you to tap into your body's inner wisdom as a guiding source for attaining the right balance.


In my experience, if you want optimal weight and energy levels, then put the right kind of clean-burning, high octane fuel in your engine!  Obviously exercise is key for maintaining optimal muscle mass and low body fat, but eating nutrient dense foods that increase your metabolic function and decrease inflammation are essential for your body to WANT to exercise and feel good while doing it.  Many people go on diets and then "fall off" and go right back to the old habits and the weight comes back.  I don't teach you how to "diet" or count calories but I will empower you with some real kitchen skills and amazing recipes and tips that will bring you a lasting, positive change in your health and desired weight.

The power foods I will teach you how to make are: 

Probiotic rich, anti-inflammatory Fig Chutney

Metabolic Kraut (makes ½ gallon)

Epic Probiotic Beet Dip

Easy Arugula salad

NO JUICER NECESSARY- Carrot, Ginger & Greens Juice w/ probiotic power


Easiest Chia-Fiber veggie Crackers

Fenugreek Breakfast Porridge (without rice)

Chocolate coconut oil fat-burning fudge

Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie

Foods for Bone and Joint Health

Learn to make yummy foods that not only protect your bones and joints but also contain ingredients that boost digestive health, help detox, and help prevent cancer and other diseases.


Whether you are a man or a woman, bone loss is inevitable and in-time will continue with old age beginning around 30 years old.  Fortunately you can protect your bones from becoming brittle with the right nutrition and habits!

On average, WOMEN LOOSE 10% OF THEIR BONE MASS DURING MENOPAUSE due to hormonal changes but it is common for up to 20% bone loss on an SAD (Standard American Diet).  More bone-building nutrients that also help to balance the diet is critical for women!

Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie

Bone and Joint Health Recipes:

“Vegan Bone Broth”

This nourishing broth can be made instantly and works great as a ramen or pho soup. My son said, “Wow, mom! It actually tastes good like Top Ramen!”

This broth has a few secret ingredients that are high in minerals and silica which your body converts to the calcium- most bioavailable form. Silica is also essential for connective tissues, healthy skin and nails.

Sprouted Quinoa salad (cooked in bone broth)

A great way to get bone broth in your body when it’s too hot to eat broth:) The sprouting plus the broth makes the quinoa taste rich, nutty, and non-bitter. This is a great way to get your kids to eat quinoa and sneak bone broth in if they are resistant to it.

“Sea Crisps”

These crunchy, grain free, nori wrapped, mineral-rich, dehydrated snacks are light and delicious. Totally satisfies any craving for a chip and are great for dipping! Kids love them, and trust me, they will not last long!!!

Probiotic Ranch Dressing

Yes that’s correct. A yummy, creamy ranch dressing recipe that helps you build bone:)

Sprouted Sesame Chia Crusts

Make mini raw pizzas with special toppings on these grain free, calcium-rich, light and flaky crusts.

Liquid Calcium Tonic

This tonic utilizes whole eggs that have been soaked in cider vinegar to produce the most bioavailabe form of calcium that exists, far superior to any supplement. Plus a whole host of other incredible benefits you will find out about!

Spirulina CBD raw truffles

These healthy, mouth-watering raw chocolate truffles nourish body, brain and bone.

More bone and joint healthy recipes will be posted throughout the month.  WE may not have time to fully demonstrate every recipe listed above in the live class, but videos will be posted at a later date and all recipes will be included on a PDF.


Remember, as a member you can attend Kelly's live classes for free.


The classes are all recorded for your continuous access as they are live-streamed and archived on Inspired Health for Foodies Facebook page.


As a member you will receive the following benefits:

  •  "Make and Taste" live classes and events with Kelly Dearie

  • New recipes, ideas and Fermentation Inspiration posted weekly


  • Access over 100 Recipe Videos and printable PDF's 


  • Priority Registration on ​Live Classes, workshops and Retreats

  • Exclusive workshops, potlucks and events just for members

  • Ongoing Motivation, Skill Building, Creativity, and Inspirational posts by Kelly

  • Ongoing Q & A and community support from Kelly and other moms!  

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Inspired Health for Foodies 2019 Syllabus
New classes are continuously emerging so stay tuned!
Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie

Access the following courses by becoming an Inspired Health for Foodies Member Today!

Foods that support metabolism and optimal weight:

Energy and Peak Performance

Reduce Inflammation and Muscle Soreness

Bone and Joint Health


Foods that balance mind and body:

Metabolism and Optimal Weight

Auto-immune & Digestive Health

Hormonal Balance in Depth

Foods to combat stress & fatigue:

Stress Reduction & Adrenal Health

Mental Performance, Memory & Mental Clarity

New Years Mind-Body Reset and Transformation



Foods for disease prevention:

Anti-Cancer Foods

Foods for a Healthy Heart

Cleansing and Detoxification: Liver, Kidneys, Digestive System


Bonus.  “Beautification from the Inside Out”:

Free course series for students who have completed the program. 

  1. Optimize DNA Expression & Slow the Aging Process

  2. Healthy Skin, nails & Hair

  3. Optimal Weight and muscle tone


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