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Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie

Sauerkraut Make & Take Workshop

With Kelly & Jewel

Presented by United We Stand Wellness U-Pod

Tuesday, March 14th, 2-5 PM 

*Come have fun, get messy, and make kraut together with Kelly & Jewel

*Learn to make and taste Kelly's live kraut-crackers

*Receive three of Kelly's secret recipes- Juniper Kraut, Immunity Kraut, & Kraut-Crackers

*Fermentation, Preservation & Storage Tips

*Learn about the multiple health benefits of daily kraut consumption

Have fun making kraut together with freedom friends!  Take home a jar of juniper berry sauerkraut. Learn about the amazing immune and mood boosting benefits of kraut.   


Kraut is a rich source of living probiotics and enzymes. According to one study, it has 114 different types of beneficial microbes. but did you know that fermenting cabbage also can increase vitamin C from 30 mg per cup up to 700 mg per cup?  


Kelly will also teach you how to make her special kraut cracker recipe.  All recipes and a “what to bring” list will be emailed to you prior to class. 


Get started by ordering your complete juniper kraut kit!

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