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Women's Fall Liver Cleanse Retreat House

Register for 3 Day
Fall Liver Cleanse

Your Cleanse Includes 3 Days of support
Receive Meal plans, food, and a 30 minute consultation with an herbalist & nutritionist

*Customized herbal blends are optional and affordable!

Open to Members Only.  Apply Here:



Pricing Options

What You'll Experience

Prior to the Retreat


✓30-minute phone consultation with a professional herbalist and nutritional doctor


Receive customized herbal recommendation and individual support.

,Herbal supplements are affordable but cost extra.  They are not required but highly encouraged.

✓ 7 day Meal Plan


Prepare your body to get even more out of this cleanse.  Use this meal plan any time your liver needs a reset.


✓ 2 Group Coaching Calls with Kelly 

Get your questions answered and commit to taking your health to the next level during these inspirational calls.

During the 3 Day Retreat


Liver Cleanse Support


Kelly will guide you through a 3 day apple cleanse.


Learn how to restore healthy liver and gallbladder function. 


On the third day, you'll have an option to pass gallstones and enjoy a delicious meal together in the afternoon 

✓Relax in Nature


A beautiful space to relax and rejuvenate, and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Your primary job is to relax and heal.  Everything else is optional:)

✓ Daily Demos and Talks

Immerse yourself in a rich array of demos and insightful talks.


Uncover the secrets of liver health, detoxification, and holistic wellness. From understanding the science behind the liver's role to practical tips for maintaining optimal well-being, each session will empower you with knowledge that you can apply long after the retreat is over.

✓ 7 Day Transition Meal Plan

A one-week meal plan to continue supporting your liver as you transition off the cleanse.   Food during the retreat will be locally sourced apples or radishes, water and a wholesome exit meal featuring a beautiful harvest salad, radicchio boats, and nourishing elements.

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