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Gut Healing Wisdom Liver Cleanse Retreat

Women's 3-Day
Fall Liver Cleanse Retreat

Renew Your Vitality with a Supported
3 Day Liver & Gallbladder Flush!

Did you know that the perfect time to start a liver and gallbladder cleanse is between the ages of 40 and 60? 

Prior to age 40, women are more likely to have gallstones than men due to normal fluctuations. Decline in liver and gallbladder function due to aging means that your body is less able to cope with common stressors. These vital organs still function, but no longer perform the way they used to. This could manifest in lower energy levels, weight gain, chronic inflammation, and/or hormonal imbalance. 

September 29- October 1, 2023
Mt. Shasta, CA
 $383 for the Cleans
e (10% off when paid in full)

Your Cleanse Includes 3 Days of in person support at a private retreat location
, meal plans, food, and a free 30 minute consultation with an herbalist & nutritionist. 

ustomized herbal blends are optional and affordable!

Open to Members Only.  Apply Here:

Stay overnight with us!

Watch The Video to Learn More on Why You Don't Want To Miss This Retreat

Ready To Hit The Reset Button On Your Well-Being?

What You'll Experience

Prior to the Retreat:


An Intake process form and a 30-minute phone consultation with a professional herbalist and nutritional doctor. You’ll receive a customized herbal recommendation and individual support.

NOTE: Recommended herbal supplements are an extra cost and not required for the cleanse but highly suggested.


Receive a done-for-you 7 day meal plan to help prepare your body to get even more out of this cleanse.


2 Group Coaching Calls with Kelly Dearie on zoom.  Get your questions answered and commit to taking your health to the next level during these inspirational calls.

During the 3 Day Retreat & Apple Cleanse


A beautiful space to relax and rejuvenate, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Your primary job is to relax and heal.  Everything else is optional:)


Daily Demos and Talks: Immerse yourself in a rich array of demos and insightful talks, where you'll uncover the secrets of liver health, detoxification, and holistic wellness. From understanding the science behind the liver's role to practical tips for maintaining optimal well-being, each session will empower you with knowledge that you can apply long after the retreat is over.

Nutrient Meal Plans: Specifically crafted are one-week meal plans for liver support leading into and exiting the retreat. Food during the retreat will be locally sourced apples or radishes, water and a wholesome exit meal featuring a beautiful harvest salad, radicchio boats, and nourishing elements.

Your body's whispers are telling you it's time for a change. Don't wait until the signs become alarms – take proactive steps to revitalize your liver and reclaim your well-being. This Liver Cleanse is your opportunity to embrace a healthier, more vibrant you.

Elevate your health, boost your energy, and unveil a revitalized you. The path to transformation starts now – reserve your spot and experience the magic of our Liver Cleanse today!


Due to limited rooms at the retreat center we only have a few spots available. Secure your place now to embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

Gut Healing Wisdom Liver Cleanse Retreat


Private Estate in Mount Shasta, CA

This luxurious Mountain Lodge is nestled in the hillside overlooking the forests and mountains yet its just a short drive from Mt Shasta. Huge Open living space with tall windows to capture the glorious views, granite counters, custom cabinets in the well stocked kitchen. Beautifully decorated bedrooms with your comfort in mind. Spacious deck and back yard to immerse yourself it the best that Mount Shasta has to offer. Clean air, fabulous light, epic views. Enjoy the smell of the forest, wind in the trees & water cascading down the falls. Find your peace as you watch the light play across the mountain

Gut Healing Wisdom Liver Cleanse Retreat

About Us

Nurturing Wellness with Kelly Dearie

Kelly Dearie, Gut Health Coach, and her dedicated team are your partners in achieving a vibrant, well-balanced life.

Kelly is a gut-health coach for freedom loving individuals who want to exit the medical matrix and take healing into their own hands.


This retreat isn't a program; it's a gateway to practical tools, nourishing wisdom, and empowerment. Beyond our scheduled activities lies a vibrant community of kindred spirits, each on their own unique path to well-being.


Our goal is to create an environment where you can thrive, where you can reconnect with yourself, and where you can leave not just revitalized, but with a network of kindred souls who share your commitment to well-being.

Gut Healing Wisdom Liver Cleanse Retreat
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