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Dear Sisters,


I once went without bleeding for a whole year in my 20's because I had too much testosterone (yes your ovaries also make testosterone, funny, ha?).  I have memories of tears, emotional meltdowns, cramps, depletion and my relationships suffering because my hormones were raging out of control.


Now I know how to keep my hormones in harmony through nourishing my body with yummy foods at the right time during my cycle.  Did you know that it is imperative to increase your calcium and magnesium levels during your two estrogen drops that happen during your monthly cycle?  Did you know that failure to support your body's needs for extra calcium during this time leads to osteoporosis and that the need is intensified around the age of 40?  Did you know that most Calcium supplements don't work and can in fact make the problem worse?  This is just one of many amazing facts that I have learned through my research in using food as preventative medicine.

I encourage you to sign up for my Healthy Hormones class either live or on-line and I will teach you delicious recipes geared towards balancing your hormones and keeping you healthy!

Did you know that estrogen is produced by our ovaries and our fat cells produce it as well? Our bodies require certain nutrients and fats for rebuilding cells and stabilizing hormones.  I will empower you with the knowledge of what foods to incorporate into your daily routines to keep you hormones in balance.  I’ll show you how to take the healthiest of these ingredients and turn them into mouth-watering, energizing snacks and treats!  I’ll also teach you what nutrients you need to prevent symptoms of PMS and what nutrients you need more of and at what time to help balance the other parts of your hormonal cycle.

Did you know that zinc supplementation has been found to be more effective in balancing teen hormones and reducing acne than the leading acne drug, Tetracycline? Hormones, like estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, adrenaline and insulin,  are regulated by the thyroid, adrenals, pituitary gland, ovaries and pancreus.  Eating the right kinds of foods can will nourish this complex hormonal system to keep it in balance.  Getting the right nutrients is especially important for the female reproductive system!  

Come taste some homemade Beet Kvass that helps to regulate the pancreas and helps to reduce reduce blood sugar and relieve stress and hypertension.

Learn to make some delicious, Silky, Chocolate Avocado Pudding rich in zinc and healthy hormone-balanceing fats.  Oh yes and share the pudding with your kids- They will have no idea there’s Avocado in there!

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