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Free Kefir Training!

This Facebook Live Event is now over.  However you can still access the Video Training and submit your comments on the post!


To receive the free training, Join my Free Facebook Group: "DIY Healing Foods Empowerment".  Find the little search box on the left hand menu column and type "kefir training".

Click here to Join the DIY Healing Foods

Facebook Group Page

Learn why homemade kefir (not store-bought) is one of the most healing superfoods you can feed to your family and how I sneak it into my son's food:) Learn the tips and techniques to have a healthy, multiplying batch and recipes w/ kefir!

Save hundreds by making your own living probiotics at home!


Kefir boosts the immune system and provides, the best bioavailable calcium, magnesium, protein, plus vitamins K, D, and B12. Kefir has trillions of probiotics per cup, and has the power to nourish your body and gut and helps crowd out candida and other undesirable pathogens.

This ancient mother culture was once fought over and worshipped for good reason! It sustained the life of peoples in the high mountains of Tibet and Russia when food was scarce, keeping them nourished, strong and healthy.

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