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Healing Foods Retreat and Spa Day with Kelly Dearie

An Indulgent Day of Relaxation, Amazing Foods and Nourishing Facials that Protect Your Skin

Get Radiant from the Inside Out!

Host a Private Healing Foods Retreat with Kelly Dearie in your Location

Detox                  Relax                 Restore            Reset

Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie
skin care Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie
beet kvass drinks Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie
Gut Healing Wisdom Kelly Dearie

Dear Friends of New and Old,


You are invited to restore your energy levels, reset your health and fill yourself with joy and positive energy!  The theme of this retreat is detoxification and gut healing for vision and skin health. 

Indulge in healing foods workshops, foot-baths, and Kelly's Homemade, Nourishing Facials





  • Indulge in Kelly Dearie's artisan-crafted, mouth watering and deeply nourishing foods and drinks 

  • Learn recipes for detox and rejuvenation

  • Experience rejuvenating facial masks made with natural ingredients found in your kitchen while enjoying the company of good friends!



Want a Private, Customized Retreat for you and your friends?


Once you find a minimum of 6 committed friends email Kelly Dearie:, to get started!


What to expect during your private retreat:


 Kick back, relax, enjoy your friends and let good things come to you:)


Receive shots of beet kvass, probiotic punch, healthy chocolate bon bons, fresh food made with raw local veggies and ferments, and more!


Receive all the recipes so that you can continue the self-foodie-love at home!


Receive a facial mask made of Kelly's specially researched ingredients that will make your skin feel like a baby's cheek!


Self care is essential to replenish our reserves so we can freely give to others with joy instead of exhaustion and depletion. You will leave Kelly's retreat feeling inspired, rejuvenated and replenished!


Your group can work with Kelly to customize your retreat to fit your health goals. Do you want extra motivation? Extra R&R? More healing foods demonstrations? A hike up to moon rocks with a panoramic view? Need a healthy birthday cake? Whatever it is, Kelly will help you design the perfect experience for you and your friends!

Email Kelly at to book your retreat today!

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