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Hand Crafted Recipes to Supercharge your Natural Immunity!

Would you like to learn how to make your own food-based vitamins, drinks, and treats with anti-viral, immune boosting properties? 

Protect yourself and your family this Cold and Flu Season in this fun, lively, workshop series taught by Kelly Dearie.

Did you know that most food-based remedies are better received by our gut and contain more healing compounds than over-the-counter supplements?


Food based remedies are fresher, and contain the full spectrum of life-giving co-factors and nutrients that you can only get in a whole-foods, un-processed form. 


No one can do it better than Nature can!

The truth is that supplements (even the ones without additives) can have side effects, and many of them are not what they seem!  


A study in 2015 found that 79% of supplements did not contain the main ingredient listed. 


Of course the products tested were mostly box stores like Walmart and Target, but do you actually know what you are really getting from Whole Foods or your local health foods store?  What are the capsules made of?  How long has the product sat on the shelf?

The bottom line is that food based remedies are safer, more effective, and bio-active than supplements you purchase in the store. 

In this fun and enlightening series, you will learn strategies to keep you and your family out of the medical matrix, in a fun, supportive, freedom-oriented setting.  We will make a super-charged immune boosting recipe together.  Never let your DIY prevention and healing arsenal run dry.  If you are well equipped and well prepared you can tackle cold and flu issues early on and knock them out! 













*Classes are held remotely on Zoom and are recorded.




  • Best strategies to stay healthy during cold and flu season

  • Dealing with "Covid" and Spike Protein Related Toxins

  • Insider Information- What science has to say about anti-viral plants and their effectiveness

  • Yummy, Immune Boosting Recipes

  • Make your own high quality, supplements to cultivate immune-resiliency

  • How to stock and organize your Pantry so that you are prepared to keep your family safe and limit trips to the stores




  • Energizing Hot chocolate mushroom drink

  • Food-based "Daily C" (w/ 700x the RDA)

  • Elderberry Syrup with Raw Honey (instead of sugar) and fresh, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory spices

  • Homemade Immunity Chai

  • Immune boosting Kraut 

  • Pomegranate Ginger Beet Kvass

  • CBD Paleo Brownies (just for fun:)

* Bonus Gift!

Kelly's homemade,



13 Shields cleaner and Sanitizer RECIPE!

It makes cleaning a more enjoyable experience, TRUST ME!  

Does wonders on toilets and great for really gross, poopy stuff!

I did hours of research to find out which essential oils are the best

at viral, fungal, and bacterial contaminants.







Ongoing Course Syllabus:


Foods that Support Metabolism and Optimal Weight

  • Energy and Peak Performance

  • Reduce Inflammation and Muscle Soreness

  • Bone and Joint Health


Foods that balance mind and body

  • Metabolism and Optimal Weight

  • Auto-immune & Digestive Health

  • Hormonal Balance in Depth

Foods to combat stress & fatigue

  • Stress Reduction & Adrenal Health

  • Mental Performance, Memory & Mental Clarity

  • New Years Mind-Body Reset and Transformation



Foods for disease prevention

  • Anti-Cancer Foods

  • Foods for a Healthy Heart

  • Cleansing and Detoxification: Liver, Kidneys, Digestive System


Beautification from the Inside Out

  • Optimize DNA Expression & Slow the Aging Process

  • Healthy Skin, nails & Hair

  • Optimal Weight and muscle tone



JUNE-       Building Your Emergency To-Go Bin System

JULY-        Family Evacuation and Safety Plans: Creating Your "Security Pod"

AUGUST- Food & Water storage prep and family food security plan   



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Are you looking for a private event that is fun, inspiring, educating, and empowering?  Culture Club members can call Kelly today to book a custom class series, workshop, retreat, or inspirational speaking event. Kelly has loads of experience with all ages, including kids and teens.  Each class comes with tasting, recipes, and shopping lists depending on the topic you choose.

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