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Teen Rejuvenation Project




TEEN RE-GEN (Teen Rejuvenation Project) was founded by a group of health-freedom loving mentors who are passionate about inspiring, nourishing, and empowering teens and young adults.  We are outdoor enthusiasts who understand the healing power of nature and the benefits of wilderness adventures as a means of overcoming personal challenges in an environment that is free of electronic and media distractions.


Good vibes, real fun and real food are at the forefront of every experience.  We build community through activities that promote leadership, personal growth, health and wellness.  Each program includes opportunities to overcome challenges, face accountability, cultivate personal introspection, team building, and just hanging out and enjoying the freedom, simplicity, and beauty of nature.

Hikers High Five
Picnic in nature



We are mentors who model, listen, and teach important personal development and life skills that are currently being left out of mainstream curriculum.  We recognize that teens and young adults thrive in groups of peers where a loving and positive outlook is continuously modeled, and that when gathering in nature, true magic happens!  



Our program is unique as we are non-discriminatory and protect the inalienable rights of each teen and young adult.  We recognize that medical choice and medical freedom are essential to psychological and spiritual health of society.  We encourage teens to make their own decisions for their own bodies without force or coercion, while emphasizing natural healing and natural immunity.

Building a Tent
Hiking in Forest

We help teens and young adults to activate leadership and personal development skills so they can be independent, caring, and confident human beings.  We help them navigate the complex world of propaganda, media, and addiction.

The hero’s journey includes times of great joy and fun, but also times of serious challenges and hard lessons, that can sometimes lead to suffering, isolation, and confusion without proper guidance and mentorship.  The teenage years are like a roller coaster with complex emotions, and hormones often running the show.  In all this they are seeking to find themselves while simultaneously being pulled into peer pressure, or distraction from finding oneself and living life all together through digital media and propaganda.  

Teens and young adults need inspiring guides who have faced similar challenges to provide a beacon of hope and strength while providing discipline balanced with kindness and compassion.  As mentors, we see them in their full potential, knowing they will transform into a being of purpose with a love and passion for life on earth.  

On the Trail
Triumphant Hiker
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