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Save money and produce a high quality product with more antixoidants and live enzymes than store-bought formulas!  


This Kit makes 7-8 Cups of Kelly Dearie's secret formula elderberry syrup


Kelly's Elder-Kits are formulated with 100% organic European Elderberries and spices.  Methods for both Instant Pot and regular stove top are provided. Special storage techniques and methods for low-no sugar formulas are also included in your kit.


Cold & Flu prevention: 1 -2 ounce shot per day

Acute Symptoms: 1 ounce shot per hour 


Elderberry is a proven, potent, cold and flu remedy and preventative!

  • Is an antioxidant powerhouse- Higher ORAC value of all berries! 
  • Has antiviral effects- it actually stops viruses from being able to enter your cells and replicate!
  • Balances the immune system and increases white blood cell count
  • Studies show taking elderberry syrup can help: 
    • reduce inflammation
    • prevent and lessen the duration of colds and flues
    • protects against cancer, diabeties and heart disease 
    • strengthens and balances the immune system
    • lowers bad cholesterol
    • helps to clear and smooth the skin


You will need to gather the following items to get started:

  • Mesh Strainer or a french press for straining the juice
  • Jars w/ lids for storing and freezing  
  • Raw Honey (optional)
  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar for extra medicinal benefits, taste, and preservation.  (You can find raw honey and ACV at most Costco and Grocery Outlet stores at half price)


8 Cup Organic Elder-Kit & Class

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